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360º consultancy firm that focuses on Ideation, Creation, Digital Solutions, and Communications. We deliver solutions to cater for our partners’ needs. We deliver data driven solutions to cater to our partners’ needs. We believe in personalised quality efforts to align our ideas with our partners to produce quality results the customer experience in mind as well as maintaining a social responsibility in our endeavours.

We also invest and grow businesses and brands from a multitude of  industries such as media, creative, film/video production, printing, interior design and many more. We believe in developing, nurturing, and maintaining a healthy business ecosystem.

“Collaborations allow us to know more

than we are capable of knowing by ourselves.”

– Paul Solarz

Our strength

is in our collaborations

with diverse


BUAI’s believe in promoting collaborations of diversified talented and skilful talents which compliments & benefits the entire working ecosystem as a key to achieve the best quality results.

BUAI has partnered with brands & businesses which shares our aspiration to deliver quality products and services to our clients.

“Technology is nothing.

What’s important is that you have a faith in people,

that they’re basically good and smart,

and if you give them tools, they’ll do

wonderful things with them.”

– Steve job

Clients & Projects

Over the years we have the opportunities to work with brands and client from various industries.