Getting the right talent
for the right job

Our strength is in our collaborations with diverse talents

BUAI takes on a fluid form as an organisation, allowing our diverse and multi-disciplinary talent to shine where it matters most.

Since 2015, the team has expanded and have now integrated a full 360ยบ consultancy and service firm that focuses on building brands with the best stories. We are driven in Ideation, Creation, Digital Solutions, and Communications; as well as other bespoke services and solutions.




What started out as a humble Consultancy and Trading set-up quickly grew and expanded alongside the first rev of the Industrial Technology 4.0

We have also garnered and nurtured a healthy network of talent that are experts in their own right. By working or collaborating with us, you have direct access to expert-level consult at any step along your business journey.


BUAI first office in Puchong
BUAI first office in Puchong


Collaborations allow us to know more than
we are capable of knowing by ourselves.

Paul Solarz

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